Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Step Back in Time: Los Algodones, Mexico and Yuma

          On my third day (yes I am not going in order of days spent in AZ) we took a day trip to Mexico and Yuma, AZ. Now, this was no ordinary trip. It was well I guess you could say...adventurous. The drive was so was flat. So nothing to exciting to explain there but I did learn about certain driving laws in Arizona like:
            1. No driving in the left lane
            2. You must change lanes when there is a car pulled over onto the side of the road.
Kinda lame facts but good to know whenever I decide to drive in Arizona so I don't get pulled over!
Anyway, back on point, as my mom was paying for our parking to be able to walk across the border I jokingly asked her,
           "Hey mom you remembered your passport right? I know I did!"
long pause....
           "Oh sh*****t..."
        She had forgotten her passport and we were 2.5 hours from her home in Goodyear. What a coincidence I happened to mention is right after paying for parking...wellll my bad. But we did some internet searching that made her return into the US seem pretty bleak. So we called my step dad and he was willing to meet up with us half way to get her passport to her. She was determined to make it into and out of Mexico that day!
        But after some himming and hawing we decided we would try and ask the US border patrol. To our pleasant surprise there happened to me a sign pointing to information of US customs. We followed it and it felt like we were going backwards into Mexico...eeck. But we found the info desk and asked the "very considerate" border patrol officer, who I assumed was assigned to desk duty cause he was just sooooo nice (get the hint of sarcasm there?). But he did give us good information. He said that things like that happen almost every day and that it would only take a few questions and they may bring her back to that desk to ask more.
     So we ended up crossing into Mexico, which may I say is way weird when your use to being interrogated by Canadian officers at the B.C. border up in Blaine, WA.
     Here are a couple of pictures of the day. I didn't take as many as I would have liked too but it was so different there I tried to capture the feeling of being surrounded by handmade colorful goods and of course the amazing margaritas.
      I hope to make another trip there when it is more busy when my boyfriend and I go to Arizona next time.

 Trust me our faces aren't red from the Amazing tequila just from the pink umbrella that was covering us from the amazingly warm weather. 

 This is us successfully leaving mexico...Now let me mention, it took me longer to get over the border than my mother, the one with no passport.... All she had to answer was "where were you born.." and I had so many! I thought I was never gonna get through! Oh well we successfully made it or I wouldn't be writing this post this minute. 

     Now Yuma was a whole different world. My mother nor I had ever been to historic downtown Yuma or the Yuma Territorial Prison. So this was going to be interesting. Downtown Yuma is about a block long, okay maybe two. But so cute, since we weren't planning on driving through it I didn't get many shots, but we discovered a great German restaurant called, Das Bratwurst Haus (click to go to their facebook) in the middle of it all! WHO KNEW! Since we were warm, thirsty and getting a tad hungry we decided to stop and get a Bienenstich (Bee sting in German) which is a traditional German dessert with almonds and vanilla custard. And of course a Radler (a beer mixed with sprite!).   

 Sorry out of a car window on a sunny day with bugs all over the front windshield. 

Mom with her Radler! and of course the traditional Selfie!

      After our little rest break and a little Pintrest viewing in the cutest German restaurant, we finally found directions to the Yuma Territorial Prison. Note: not an active prison but a museum. This museum is so cool! 
Here is the website for the prison which gives a way more accurate description of the place than what I could ever do.
    The guys who run the prison museum were excellent! They were informative and so fun to talk to. At the museum you first get to look at the amazing landscape that it is built into and its enormous gate entry. Apparently the gate had been stormed a few times with only a couple successful escapes. Luckily we weren't staying for more than an hour or so. Then you go into the cute little museum with artifacts and fun facts about the prisoners and the activities the prisoners had to do. There were even women at this prison! I found everything so fascinating, especially the crimes they committed. Because I am going into the field of psychology I think that really gave me an interest in some of the crazy people, or maybe I'm just crazy! Then you get to go into cells and the prison yard, even the solitary confinement cell! SCARY!
     Here are a few shots from the fun time we had there! 

 Had a little too much fun with editing these photos! 

 And this one...But my mom sure looks gorgeous!

 And of course yet again the traditional Selfie!

I was so worn out by the end of this day I am surprised I was awake enough to see this by the time we were almost back at home =) 

Stay tuned for more!!!!!! 

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