Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love Birds, in Kennewick?

I had the great pleasure of photographing two fun people this month! Adrian and Tessa are some fun people to go out with and have a great time. I believe I captured exactly what their personalities are and what their relationship means to them =) 
Hope you all enjoy! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter fun with a Fall Look!

Right before Christmas I got to shoot this cute couple! It was such fun and a great pleasure. The weather was very cold but they toughed it out and the photographs turned out amazing. 

Happy Shooting =)

Holiday Season 2013

WOW I cant believe its already here, December 1st 2013!! 
This is officially the beginning of holiday season! Some people think it begins right after holiday *cough*retail world*cough**cough* But I don't seem to think its right. This year I wasn't able to go see my family on thanksgiving because of my retail working butt =)  I worked from 7 pm to midnight on Thursday and back at it at 7 am till 5 pm on Friday! It just didn't seem like a holiday this year. So I am determined to make up for it with Christmas and of course the days leading up to it. 
Thanksgiving morning I had an urge to make some yummy cookies! 
I made Butter-cookies with some yummy green frosting and some Snikerdoodles to go with. 

This Christmas I also did the 12 days of Christmas for my boyfriend! I didn't have much money or time to do the best but I'm quite proud of what the outcome was like.

Of course there are plenty more =) 

I also created my own Christmas Decorations using Wine Bottles! They turned out great!
And Painted them white! 
Then I printed out the word I wanted to put on them, cut it out and mod podged it right onto the bottle. 
I then hair sprayed them so that the paint would not flake, I do this with my charcoal drawings it works great! 
Here is the final product:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!! =)

Home Made Pizza Bites?!

So I don't know why my blog turned into a recipe blog but I gotta post them when I make them!! My boyfriend and I invented this cool new dinner! I'm willing to bet kids would loveee it. I call them my home made pizza bites.

One ball of pizza dough from WinCo or your local grocery store, Pillsbury pull apart biscuits work great too
Cheese, of your choice 
Pizza fixings, of your choice we just did pepperoni
Pizza Sauce

How we did it: 
Rip of hand fulls of the pizza dough and roll it out, using some flour so it doesn't stick.
Once rolled out put a spoon full of pizza sauce in the middle, followed but the pizza fixings of your choice and cheese.  
Roll the pizza dough up so that everything is inside. 
Place in a greased casserole dish. 
Bake at 425 for 25 min 
If you desire cheese on the top at 20 min put cheese on top and put back in for 5 min! 
and poof! you have your pizza pockets! 

I used the extra pizza sauce as a marinara to dip the pockets in and it tasted very goooood! 

Happy Shooting =)