Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Win for the Bulldogs: Bulldogs vs. South King County Colts

Another rival team match up for the Bellingham Bulldogs that ends in a W!! 
The boys fought to the but for this game. It got really close yet they still were able to pull out the win. It was a fun game with retirees coming back swinging just for another game....or two. We shall see! 
Personally "PUT IN NUMBER 33!" 
Ya'll understand later =) 
With touchdowns from Doug Miller, Cody Oaks and others the game was made fun and intense. These guys really have a passion for the sport and it shows in their plays, throws, catches and hits! 
 Great job boys keep it up lets win another season. 

Now to the photography...So I will admit this isn't my best football photography. I was struggling and intimidated by the big ole professionals standing next to me with their super fancy lenses. But I pulled through with some great shots! Still struggling with the night movement but I'll get there. 
If anyone has any tips on "under the lights" sports photography please feel free to comment down below or follow my link using the buttons on the side bar to Facebook or by clicking here: 
and leaving me a comment on how to improve! I am always looking for more ways to improve and new ways of shooting! 

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