Sunday, June 23, 2013


Just like on our road trip home from Tri-Cities, the road was in some crazy construction! 
 .....this sight is going through some construction and will be up and beautiful soon! I hope you are all enjoying looking at my photographs through a quick preview! This blog has really helped show my photography to people outside the Facebook world! 
but for anyone interested I would love some likes and comments on my Facebook page! (Andrea B. Photography) its pretty easy to find! 

Also please comment on this blog with any tips/comments/questions for me! I would really appreciate it!! 
I need all the support I can get!! 

Oops Skipped One!

Hey everyone! I just realized I forgot to post a game from the Bulldogs! 
What do ya know!! 
unfortunately bulldogs didn't pull through in this game but! pictures turned out great =)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bulldogs vs. Colts!

And of course! Bulldogs pull through yet again! this time with a close game! ending score 37-30!! how amazing!
These photos really capture the family and friends element of the game the bulldogs play! plus the intensity! This game even included a retirement of a player! how exciting! 
I also wanted to say since this is my last bulldogs album of the year! Thank you to all the people who supported my passion for photography and want me to continue talking pictures for the team! it been a great ear and I can't wait for the next!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting behind!

Hey! This Post is two football games in one! I got set back due to finals week at school! BUT I AM FINALLY DONE FOR THE SUMMER! haha 
I don't really understand why this was in the bleachers...but it was...

Hmmm My boy doin strange things =)


Aww how cute!

This little girl just wandered onto the field it was quite funny. But man if I was her parent I would be scared for my life with all those big guys! But this little girl looks tough enough. 

Everyone just loves him!

Loving the SWAG!