Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bellingham Bulldogs vs. Roseburg Rampage

Last weekend the Bellingham bulldogs took on the Rampage of Roseburg Oregon. The Rampage is a team that is new to the league and is in their exhibition season testing out the waters to find a league that suits them. Hopefully they will be joining us in the 2015 year as their inaugural year, because they put up a good show. The Rampage unfortunately didn't have as many players but still fought to the death. Although the Bellingham Bulldogs came out with another "W" the Rampage played a great game. 
This game was great fun! It was a game to get everyone going. Even the oldies came out to play, counting the Head coach, Brian Young. It was so much fun and everyone got a little playing time. My boyfriend on the other hand had an amazing game. He had a few tackles as well as a 45 yard punt return! GO CHRIS! It was amazing. 
I gotta brag about myself now of course! But I had a great photo game last weekend too! I ended up with over 1000 raw images (more than any football game) AND 141 final images! I am pretty proud of myself. Plus it was the first game I got to use my new Opteka Monopod I ordered off of Amazon. Hopefully this buddy will last me a while! 
And of course after the game we celebrated Chris 22 and we got to make some better friends with most of the football squad! I can't wait to see what the game in two weekends dynamic will be like after last weekend! 
Here are some great shots of the game! 
This week is a bye so you may not see any new football shots for about a week. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bulldogs vs. Seattle Stallions

This last Saturday the Bulldogs took the hour haul to Everett to face the Seattle Stallions. A huge team...Last season the Bulldogs were the one and only team to beat the Stallions making the Bulldogs go undefeated in their 2013 season. 
This year was a little rougher. Unfortunate the boys came out with a loss. With Key players missing they played their hardest and didn't completely loose all their passion for the game. 
That game is now behind you guys and next week is a whole new day! 

Here are some of the great shots I got from this game! 

Just so you all know!!!!: 
This was my very..and I mean VERY first game shooting in ALL manual mode. Radley Muller the other photographer gave me some great tips on how to do so before the game. So I tried it out. I ended up not getting as many shots at the end, but they turned out so much better than I could have asked for. Thanks Radley! 
Check out his stuff at Radley Muller Photography.COM

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bulldogs vs. Grays Harbor Bearcats

Oh Goodness I have been so swamped! This is not going to be the most well written post but I just had to post some of these fun Bulldogs Pics again! 

Two weeks ago the Bellingham Bulldogs took on the Grays Harbor Bearcats and came out again with a win putting them at 2-0 for the season! 
Honestly..can't recall many details but they played a great game and looked very relaxed! It was full of fun and excitement. This game I was allowed into the locker room at half time and  man was that an experience. I'll leave it at that. But I also had the chance to photograph a child of our team sponsor! A Banner Bank Baby we could say. 
Thanks to Bellingham Banner Bank the Bulldogs have great uniforms! 
What I really liked about these shots this week is that it really shows the family that the Bulldogs are. It shows the fathers the friends and the loved ones of all.

Here are some shots from the game: 

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