Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Win for the Bulldogs: Bulldogs vs. South King County Colts

Another rival team match up for the Bellingham Bulldogs that ends in a W!! 
The boys fought to the but for this game. It got really close yet they still were able to pull out the win. It was a fun game with retirees coming back swinging just for another game....or two. We shall see! 
Personally "PUT IN NUMBER 33!" 
Ya'll understand later =) 
With touchdowns from Doug Miller, Cody Oaks and others the game was made fun and intense. These guys really have a passion for the sport and it shows in their plays, throws, catches and hits! 
 Great job boys keep it up lets win another season. 

Now to the photography...So I will admit this isn't my best football photography. I was struggling and intimidated by the big ole professionals standing next to me with their super fancy lenses. But I pulled through with some great shots! Still struggling with the night movement but I'll get there. 
If anyone has any tips on "under the lights" sports photography please feel free to comment down below or follow my link using the buttons on the side bar to Facebook or by clicking here: 
and leaving me a comment on how to improve! I am always looking for more ways to improve and new ways of shooting! 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bulldogs vs. Yakima Mavs!

On April 19th, 2014 the Bellingham Bulldogs took the 5 hour trek to Yakima to face the Mavericks. Their rival team. The one team they struggle with every year. They beat the Mavs last year to go on in the championships, later to win a ring. 

In the cold windy weather the bulldogs were dominated the first have with a few touchdowns the defense went in one time! Second quarter was not nearly as exciting. After halftime is when things began to get stressful...the Mavs began to catch up! But of course the bulldogs wouldn't take a loss back home with them on the long trip. They pulled through winning the game 40-24!!!! The boys pulled through again! 

This was the first game I had taken pictures out on the field during the game. I had so much fun the atmosphere on the sidelines is so much more fun than in the stands. I made some new friends met some new faces and took some great pictures. I had a blast! My Facebook got almost 20 likes out of the pictures from this game! that is a hugeeee improvement for me! 

Such passion in the faces of these football loving young men!

Maricopa County Fair...A.K.A The Arizona State fair.

On my first full day in Arizona I was told I was to go to a fair. Interesting...I thought. Later to find out we were there for good Samaritan deed of my step dads. We were to see a christian rock band play. It was an acquaintance of his band and he felt he needed to support him...for some reason. But of course we made a day out of it and had tons of fun! Of course we ate fair food, looked at crafts, a motocross show, animals and also watched a turkey stampede. It was an interesting day if I may say so. 
Just cause I know your all wondering. Is an Arizona fair the same as a Washington state fair?....Pretty much... There seemed to be alot more goats...A different thing that I noticed was a live cattle auction. I have never experienced one at a fair before so it was interesting to watch. The local 4-H clubs sell their cattle in an auction by the pound. It took us forever to figure out why a pig was going for 10 dollars! But then we figured it out the pig was going for 10 dollars a pound! Wow good for the kids! 

Here are a few shots from that interesting day at the fair! 

 My lovely mother cracks me up! Isn't she gorgeous?!
 This was our desert after a yummy ear of corn!! Best shaved pineapple! Plus any pineapple is good pineapple!

And this was the Turkey Stampede! Best time of the night!
 They put food in the back of a toy truck and drive it around as the turkeys chase it! Best part was only 1 turkey would chase it the other would...wellllll...flirt with the audience. And YES I said flirt.
 The gentle man in the black is my stepfather. He was convinced the turkey man was his long lost brother! =)
 These silly goats did this all the time! Then we went home and my moms dog did it! Is this an animals form of yoga? sure looks like a good stretch to me.

 Cutest bunnies there!! I don't usually like bunnies but these ones I wanted to take home with me.

 So cool! this guy was awesome!! Metal Mulisha guy!

Carnivals are so pretty at night! I am gunna play around with some photo editing tools and see what fun I can have with these ferris wheel pictures and their cool mixtures of light! If anyone has any suggestions please comment below this post it would be greatly appreciated.

It was a hoot of a time.
And I won't tell you about the concert we watched....
Stay tuned for more fun blog posts!

Magnificence in Nature; Sedona, Bell Rock & Montezuma Castle

This past week I spent on vacation in Goodyear, Arizona with my mother. She relocated there after receiving an amazing job opportunity and it was my time to go visit her. It was my first time in Arizona since I was 13 when we briefly visited the Grand Canyon. 

We divided our days up into little day trips to beautiful places in Arizona. So I will be dividing up my trip in photographs, in new posts. Therefore one post isn't so darn long. 

On this days trip we took the 2 hour hall out of Goodyear to visit Montezuma Castle as well as Sedona. 

Montezuma Castle is ancient ruins that were built into the side of a cliff out of clay, stone and wood. It was magnificent to see this wonder of the human world and our evolution. Montezuma Castle was mesmerizing and so beautiful as it sits up top the hill blending into the limestone rock. The Lush landscapes made this visit magical as well. The many new types of trees and plant life added color and life to the Castle ruins. 

I was also lucky enough to capture a bee about to pollinate a beautiful butter cup looking flower. If anyone knows the name of this flower please let me know because it is gorgeous and I would love to sound a little more intelligent with my flower names.... 

Sedona on the other hand was very different. Sedona is a city built in the middle of amazing rock formations. I told my mom on this trip that it was like being down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon if it had deteriorated more. It was so amazing to be surrounded by massive red rock and green trees down in the valley. 

I love taking pictures out of car windows. I think it gives more life and motion to photographs and more travel excitement. Plus you can see the actual photographer in their element. 

Sedona was very upscale and we visited a little fancy shopping center called Tlaquepaque. It was full of beautiful buildings that looked as if they sprouted right out of nature. The shopping center was more fun to photograph than it was to actually shop. 

Then of course the whole goal of the day was to climb Bell Rock. This is one of the smaller rocks in the area but so magnificent to climb. I am pretty sure my mother and I went in areas not allowed to the public, but we knew we were not the only ones who did it because we saw Cairns all the way around and names carved into the rock with what looked like chalk, but was actually just another piece of rock. WE wanted to go almost to the top like a few other people but we couldn't seem to find the way, so we ended up walking all the way around the entire rock. Any Zelda fans out there? remember sidling with link? that's what it felt like! See photographs below. There is no way I can describe to you the feeling we had being up so high because the photographs don't show you how truly steep and high up we were on the rock. It was amazing, except for the sunburn on one half of me that came along with it.
 Yes that is what we were about to climb...

Our cairn dedicated to my Oma (my greatgrandmother). Always thinking of her and her beautiful poems.

Can you spot the little creature in this photograph?!

My Beautiful Mother.=)

And yes we went through that little crevice...We were crazy!

I hope you all get to visit an amazing place like this in your life time. Its full of wonders and amazement. Its a great place to go with family or with friends! I cannot wait to go again with my love.