Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bohemian Bellingham

This week was full of fun and photos! I can't believe I had two in one day! 
Now I wish I could have been able to put my signature sunflower in these photos, but with no Sun and overcast weather hat's not really possible. 

This shoot was really fun. Sara messaged me that week and scheduled a shoot with me for that weekend! We decided to drive down to Post Point Park in Fairhaven, WA. 

Hair and Makeup done by the model Sara. 

Winters Fashion, the Man's Turn

Finally I had the pleasure to shoot with a young man I work with. Since his first day we worked together we have been throwing around ideas for some shoot. So we decided Tom just go for it this weekend. We just happened ed to have time off at the same time and so of course we took the opportunity no matter the weather! 

Bobby is outfitted in all JCP mens wear including watch and ring. 
Locations included: Downtown Bellingham alley ways as well as Swusl beach.

I used my trusty Canon t3i and a basic 50mm f1.8 lens :) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Bump in the Night

Woah, It has been way to long ya'll but Here I am back and kickin! Winter is a tough time for me and photography as I work retail and that's pretty much their biggest time of the year. But luckily I was able to find someone to model for me for a night time shoot with my flash! This is my first time shooting in the dark, therefore I am not too happy with these photos but am happy with the outcomes of a handful.

Model: Kathy Hanson
MUA & Hair: Courtney M. 
Location: Downtown Fairhaven