Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bulldogs vs. Seattle Stallions

This last Saturday the Bulldogs took the hour haul to Everett to face the Seattle Stallions. A huge team...Last season the Bulldogs were the one and only team to beat the Stallions making the Bulldogs go undefeated in their 2013 season. 
This year was a little rougher. Unfortunate the boys came out with a loss. With Key players missing they played their hardest and didn't completely loose all their passion for the game. 
That game is now behind you guys and next week is a whole new day! 

Here are some of the great shots I got from this game! 

Just so you all know!!!!: 
This was my very..and I mean VERY first game shooting in ALL manual mode. Radley Muller the other photographer gave me some great tips on how to do so before the game. So I tried it out. I ended up not getting as many shots at the end, but they turned out so much better than I could have asked for. Thanks Radley! 
Check out his stuff at Radley Muller Photography.COM

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