Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bellingham Bulldogs vs. Roseburg Rampage

Last weekend the Bellingham bulldogs took on the Rampage of Roseburg Oregon. The Rampage is a team that is new to the league and is in their exhibition season testing out the waters to find a league that suits them. Hopefully they will be joining us in the 2015 year as their inaugural year, because they put up a good show. The Rampage unfortunately didn't have as many players but still fought to the death. Although the Bellingham Bulldogs came out with another "W" the Rampage played a great game. 
This game was great fun! It was a game to get everyone going. Even the oldies came out to play, counting the Head coach, Brian Young. It was so much fun and everyone got a little playing time. My boyfriend on the other hand had an amazing game. He had a few tackles as well as a 45 yard punt return! GO CHRIS! It was amazing. 
I gotta brag about myself now of course! But I had a great photo game last weekend too! I ended up with over 1000 raw images (more than any football game) AND 141 final images! I am pretty proud of myself. Plus it was the first game I got to use my new Opteka Monopod I ordered off of Amazon. Hopefully this buddy will last me a while! 
And of course after the game we celebrated Chris 22 and we got to make some better friends with most of the football squad! I can't wait to see what the game in two weekends dynamic will be like after last weekend! 
Here are some great shots of the game! 
This week is a bye so you may not see any new football shots for about a week. 

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