Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bulldogs vs. Yakima Mavs!

On April 19th, 2014 the Bellingham Bulldogs took the 5 hour trek to Yakima to face the Mavericks. Their rival team. The one team they struggle with every year. They beat the Mavs last year to go on in the championships, later to win a ring. 

In the cold windy weather the bulldogs were dominated the first have with a few touchdowns the defense went in one time! Second quarter was not nearly as exciting. After halftime is when things began to get stressful...the Mavs began to catch up! But of course the bulldogs wouldn't take a loss back home with them on the long trip. They pulled through winning the game 40-24!!!! The boys pulled through again! 

This was the first game I had taken pictures out on the field during the game. I had so much fun the atmosphere on the sidelines is so much more fun than in the stands. I made some new friends met some new faces and took some great pictures. I had a blast! My Facebook got almost 20 likes out of the pictures from this game! that is a hugeeee improvement for me! 

Such passion in the faces of these football loving young men!

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