Thursday, August 1, 2013


This summer has been fantastic! 
Universal Studios
Palm Dessert
Moving across the State

Our trip to Disney was fantastic! Disneyland is not only makes an adult become a child but also is a photographers playground. I was so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that place is truly the worlds most happiest place! 
Here are some photos from the trips! 
 Goofy Statue for our lovely Auntie D! 
 My all time favorite ride!! I'll Always be a pirate at heart! 
We met this guy in line for Pirates of the Caribbean! he is amazing!  We saw his tattoo and my step dad being who he is, asked him about it. He has a tattoo of dead lift championships that he has won throughout his life! it was so fun to meet him! he was from Canada and is still a dead lifter!So we of course had to get a picture with him! 
OWL and a castle! my two favorite things ever! 
 Fairy tales and Owls!
Yay Goofy!

California Adventure= 

Here are some shots from SeaWorld Including the SHAMU SHOW! 



                             Shamu Rocks!!!
           This is the baby Orca born last February!
Universal Studios:

Phonebooth!!! yesssss 


Some tips for doing Disney, Universal and SeaWorld, with a camera:
~Travel Light! I traveled with only a small camera bag that was water proof and compatible! 
~Another travel light tip...Bring one lens..Bring a small compatible lens that you love. 
~Multipurpose camera bag, I kept snacks and my wallet and my boyfriends wallet so that we didn't have to have any extra baggage. 

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