Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Adventures In A New Place

I have moved...

As soon as I got my photography business on a pretty good pace, we made the big decision to move!

Across the State! hah
It was a good choice, an amazing one at that! But now its time to start anew!
I am starting a new clientele here and am hoping to get some business coming in. I even made my own business cards from vistaprint.com

Please spread the word to anyone you may know in the Tri Cities Area! I'd love to get myself out there and shooting with my favorite weapon, My CAMERA!

Our Move here was amazing! 
When we went back to go get my car we decided to take a detour! that definitely saved us time and stress! It was a longer route but with all the construction on the normal route this way was definitely better! 
We decided we would take the Leavenworth/Wenatchee route. It was so much fun! We stopped at the icicle inn to play some put-put golf then stopped at the Muenchen Haus for a local beer and a pretzel with some amazing cheese sauce! 

 And of course a beautiful Sunset on the way! 

And of course some of our many adventures here include discovering new restaurants, doing puzzles and playing monopoly date nights, AND hanging out with some great friends (Chris' cousins!) 

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