Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Something Special

This is MY something special!
{Christmas 2012}

{Leavenworth 2013}

He is my everything and my all.
He is everything I could ever need
He knows how to make me smile even when I believe that I cant
I can be myself no matter how weird
We can be weird together
He knows me for me and can understand me through all my rants, raves an gibberish
Hes truly amazing!

No matter what we go through he is always there for me and is always ready to hear what I have to say! He is truly amazing! This year in June marks two years exactly from when he, after having major knee surgery and having plenty of pain medication asked me to be his girl friend [We THINK]. To all of our friends and family we been together forever!

I met him in kindergarten, and we were friends till third grade!!!
In third grade my family moved. I moved back for college and waned to meet with old friends and this amazing thing happened! I re-Met him!!
He is my everything!

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