Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LeMay Automotive Museum of America!

This is one of the coolest adventures we have gone on yet!! and one of many to come this year!! 
The LeMay auto museum is a museum recently built in Tacoma, Washington. It is full of donated and personal collections of classic and modern vehicles from all over the united states and even from over sea's. It was a great experience and definitely worth the 12 dollar student price! We had lots of fun!
So many cars I've never heard of in my entire life! and I've been around plenty of cars with my grandparents owning their fair share of classics and me tagging along to car shows all over western Washington. Chris and I had an absolute blast reading about the histories of each car and discovering new and excited kinds of cars!! 
One exhibit even included the WWU solar racing car that was created in 1990! THATS MY SCHOOL! I found it so interesting! 

There is even a driving simulation and slot car racing!
Each exhibit changes every few months with the new collections that get put in! I cant wait to go again for my grandfathers birthday!

Here is the link 
Take a visit! its sooo worth it!(if your a car person I should add)

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