Friday, May 1, 2015

Sunshine & Smiles

Sorry it's so late... 
I can't believe I forgot to write and post about our family's beautiful Easter/birthday celebration! 

About a month before Easter my aunt Melanie, who is a lifestyle stylist extraordinaire, messaged me and all her nieces about setting up an Easter to remember. We were all assigned a project or food to make. 
I was in charge of photography (of course), carrot soup and making bunny decorations! 

Now carrot soup was very important to our family since its a soup my grandma would make for my cousins and I, and always tell us it was going to be our wedding soup. So I really couldn't mess this one up.
It turned out amazing and almost brought grandpa to tears. 

The bunnies which you will see below were a pintrest find that turned out super duper cute!

Then as you may have observed up above I mentioned that it was not only Easter but also a birthday celebration. Two of my aunt's were born a few years apart on the  same day! And this year it just so happened to fall on Easter. 
So naturally we had to do a little something special for these ladies. 

We made them the cutest flower crowns as well as did a photo shoot with the two of them in my grandpa's garden.

What a wonderful day! 

Now time to show off what we did. 

Table design: Melanie Beilner
Food: Beilner family
Location: Grandpa's garden, Ferndale, WA

For more from Melanie  and her amazing talents visit: 


  1. Andrea, just catching up with your blog posts. Your site looks good! Your writing tells a story and you tell a story with the pics and keep it to a minimum. Looking very professional here...:)

  2. That last pic of "the girls" makes me smile. It is definitely a keeper! (I like the others too...)