Sunday, April 26, 2015

"American Beauty American Psycho" Fallout Boy Inspiration

Yet another on a whim shoot, these seem to be the best way to go! 

This one is inspired by the new Fall Out Boy Album titled American Beauty American Psycho. 

The album cover features this young man: 

Because we couldn't seem to find face paint in our little town of Ferndale we resorted to black lipstick in the Walgreen make up isle! and a eyeliner pencil. My model, Tuesday, basically free handed the whole thing and with a quick spray of hairspray it was ready to go. No hair or extra make up was used and she wore and old white tank of mine to give us that extra grungy look. 

Here are a few of my favorites yet again, 
To see the whole album please visit my facebook by the link on the side -----> 

Model: Tuesday H. 
Location: Ferndale Farming Fields

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