Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photogenic outfits?! Thats a thing??


Everyone knows that the hardest thing about preparing for a photo shoot is choosing what to wear... I found this great article called 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas. The blogger in this article made great visuals and has great tips on making your family and the photographs look great!
I get asked all the time what they should wear. If they should all be matchy matchy or if they should all look completely different. Well here's my answer: Wear what makes your family feel comfortable and cohesive.
What do I mean by cohesive?
Don't wear the same exact out fits, but where similar colors or tones that express each individual personality. If you truly want your photographs to express who you are as a family you should express each individuals unique personalities within the group.

Like the quote above family is a mixture of different people going in different directions but when you truely look at it, they all stem from the same place. That is kind of where my family photography philosophy comes from. You have to always remember that your family is one but with many different personalities and styles so remember that your family is not one but one of many!

Here are some of my own types that I have used on my own families and friends:
  • Add a little pattern, you don't wanna look blah and flat. But! Remember not to wear HUGE patterns to make yourself look bigger than you actually are.
  • Coordinate color with your location. For example if you are in a green field add some color like yellows or pink.
  • Where something comfortable. Women I mean you!! Don't go wearing some huge 5 inch heels! You will be walking and posing and your photographer will be wanting you to move around quite a bit!
  • Show your families personality. If your a city family DON'T dress country!
  • Add accessories. Like chunky necklaces and scarfs.
  • Men get a little relaxed with your outfits, don't tuck it in tight and role some sleeves up casually (unless of course you have a stiff personality)
  • PROPS! add them! especially seniors. If your a basketball player football player, bring your ball or a jersey or Letterman's jacket. 
  • Pets! Yes I said it. If a pet is part of your life or your families life then add them in there!! Dogs are a great way to show your families personality.
Here is a great visual from a fun blog called The Dating Divas!

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