Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday Season 2013

WOW I cant believe its already here, December 1st 2013!! 
This is officially the beginning of holiday season! Some people think it begins right after holiday *cough*retail world*cough**cough* But I don't seem to think its right. This year I wasn't able to go see my family on thanksgiving because of my retail working butt =)  I worked from 7 pm to midnight on Thursday and back at it at 7 am till 5 pm on Friday! It just didn't seem like a holiday this year. So I am determined to make up for it with Christmas and of course the days leading up to it. 
Thanksgiving morning I had an urge to make some yummy cookies! 
I made Butter-cookies with some yummy green frosting and some Snikerdoodles to go with. 

This Christmas I also did the 12 days of Christmas for my boyfriend! I didn't have much money or time to do the best but I'm quite proud of what the outcome was like.

Of course there are plenty more =) 

I also created my own Christmas Decorations using Wine Bottles! They turned out great!
And Painted them white! 
Then I printed out the word I wanted to put on them, cut it out and mod podged it right onto the bottle. 
I then hair sprayed them so that the paint would not flake, I do this with my charcoal drawings it works great! 
Here is the final product:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!! =)

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