Sunday, October 21, 2012

Photography is my drug. Literally, it heals

I have been very sick lately with a blood and anemia problem that has yet to have a cause or name. 
About six months ago I passed out on a volleyball court, about a month later I passed out on a chiropractic bed, and yet again on a toilet in the middle of the night. I knew something was wrong so I visited my doctor,  I was sent directly to the hospital after passing out as soon as a needle was put in my arm to give me the iron I needed. They had discovered I had little to no red blood cells in my system at all. And almost a ZERO amount of iron in my blood. I was given 2 bags of donor blood 8 hours later. 

Things still have not been found....whats wrong with me? we still don't know. 

Luckily I have the worlds best family support. And to top that the worst best boyfriend! And I managed through the night :)
But I wanted to get the message to everyone that donating blood really does save lives. If I hadn't received that blood it could have caused life threatening consequences. Even though I cant donate blood anymore, I strongly support the idea of it! It really does go to helping a person. Maybe someone you would never even expect. Like me.

Here's a link to the American Red Cross if you are interested in finding out more.

in conclusion, After having all these things happen to me, I discovered a stronger passion for photography. It helps me cope with my anxiety that I have created over whether I'm going to pass out today or the next day. Everyday I take it upon myself to take a new picture! And it works, it creates a diversion for my worries to follow! 

This is my niche' and I hope you enjoy seeing my photos from here and my website ( I hope that I can get helpful feed back on my photography so I can continue to grow...

~ and maybe pay off some medical bills for a new camera ;)

Thanks everyone for reading. I love to share! and please tell me your stories!

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