Saturday, October 13, 2012

DYI!! Photography

SO FUN! When you have the right tools. Me? I don't  But after think long and hard about how I can create my own equipment! What do you know! I did it! I created my own reflector and diffuser  And soon to come an umbrella.

Reflector Recipe:
1 pizza box 
1 roll of foil
1 roll of masking tape

1. Make sure the Pizza Box is somewhat clean and your foil is a little bit wrinkly (if its to flat the foil will shine on your subjects faces! 
2. Wrap one side of the pizza box completely in the wrinkled foil. 
3. Tape corners and edges. And Wallah! There is your reflector! 

(pics coming soon) 
Diffuser Recipe:
(White) Coffee filter placed over cameras normal flash bulb! 

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