Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Pacific Northwest Girl

I never realized how much I loved the Pacific Northwest until I just recently moved back up to Bellingham. There is not place I would rather be in my life right now then up here in Whatcom County enjoying the amazing weather and amazing environment. Now you might be saying...."seriously this girl likes the weather up there?" 
...and YES I DO!
 I love it!! 
Just the other day I hiked Raptor Ridge in the POURING, I mean TORRENTIAL! downpour!! and did it again in even colder weather. But man the hike was well worth it! 8 miles, 2 1/2 hours later I felt amazing and felt so healthy and new! Just as the PNW always does for me! 

Here are some photos from Raptor Ridge the second time around! Stay tuned for more of my hiking adventure! And just wait till Henry gets to come along!! 

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