Friday, June 6, 2014

Goldtowne Ghost town

I know I have been slackin on the Arizona pictures but here are the last of them! I wish I had taken so many more photos on this trip. But the pictures I did take I am very proud of. 

On this day trip we visited a little Ghost town outside of Mesa. It was my last day so it was a little rushed and I think Washington was calling me back because it started to sprinkle. Which I guess never happens in Arizona. 

This Ghost town reminded me a little of Laconnor but Museum like. It was so fun. The view surrounding this town was amazing. I want to go there again and do the Mine tour as well as eat dinner in their cute little restaurant. 
There was even wedding going on in this cute little town! How fun is that! 

Here is a Panorama I shot on my Brand New Iphone 5!

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