Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bellingham Bulldogs 2014 Coming Soon to Whatcom County Washington.

I can not believe that its almost here! Spring Football season!! Eeck. I gotta love my boys playing in warm weather all over the state that I love. After our big move over to the Tri Cities I didn't think I would still be involved with this new family of ours, The Bellingham Bulldogs. Photographing this team was the highlight of my weeks, my months and possibly the best parts of my year! 
This is so exciting to be able to have the continued opportunity and pleasure to photograph not only the team but the cheerleaders. I know being a volleyball player it sounds funny saying I have fun photographing cheerleaders. But if you knew this team like I do you would too. The Bellingham Bulldogs do more than just play football. They inspire young hearts to dream big and continue to do what they love to do! The Bulldogs are truly a good group of Men and Women! 

Last year we won the state title and you boys earned a ring! Lets do it again and dominate Northwest Football. 

Photo cred: Jon Bergman Photography

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