Monday, December 9, 2013

Crock POT!

Ha! I know this has nothing to do with my photography but hey why not! 

This week my boyfriend bought me a newer and bigger programmable crock pot! I love it! 

This week i decided to make a rendition of buffalo shredded chicken that I found on Pintrest! You can find the original link here---> "Buffalo Shredded Chicken"

Instead of using buffalo sauce cause the BF doesn't like spicy food I used his favorite. Baby Rays Honey Barbecue sauce! And I added a small dash of hot sauce...shhh don't tell =) i put 6 chicken breast (frozen) in the crock pot and put in probably about three cups of the sauce (I eyeballed it!) and then a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix. 

The recipe didn't say what to pair it with so we ate it like pulled pork. On a nice warm dinner roll! It was very yummy. A nice way to warm up out of the cold 19 degree weather we are having over here. 

Here is what it looked like: 

This dinner was fantastic! I also made some corn to go on the side, YUMMY! felt like summer all over again. I love cooking with my crock pot and I cant wait to keep posting more for you all!

Ill get back to the photography soon! just gotta get through writing a few papers and editing pictures from my mini vacation! 

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