Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whale Watching

wow..its been a while! hah
Well hey ya'll! Since my last endeavor my man and I had taken an exciting whale watching journey!
for our anniversary/Chris birthday/Easter my mother groupon gifted  us two tickets for Island Mariner (click here for link) whale watching tours! It was amazing!
This what was supposed to be a 6 hour trip resulted in 8 hours of sea time and one whale! it was soo much better than our last whale watching excursion where we only saw porpoises...haha
We encountered, all the way up in Canada, Victoria to be exact, a transient orca whale!! He was amazing!
I got some great photos from this trip as well! it was fun trying to capture the excitement of the whale flipping his fins and coming up then disappearing again under the bright blue water! This trip was so worth it!! So far for each anniversary we have done this! I'm sensing tradition?! ahah

It was so beautiful! Here are some of the photos that I captured on the amazing trip!

While on this trip we learned about a cool website that has a live radio feed of the underwater life in the San Juan Islands, if anyone is interested this is the link: http://orcanetwork.org/
This trip was so great! I highly recommend Island Mariner Cruises! they were so wonderful and the food they serve on the boat was not to bad as well =) The naturalist and the captains were all amazing!! AND it starts right out of Bellingham, WA!

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