Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Three Day Detox!

Yes....I actually did it! 
I completed the Dr. Oz three day detox challenge! 
It was extremely rough especially when you have roommates that like to eat lots and lots of bacon and yummy cheese burgers! Being Gluten intolerant sure helps with allot of that though!
This Detox was wonderful! The little pooch down there..(you know what I'm talking about) it really shrinks!  or goes away, how ever you wanna say it. 
I should realllly try this it sounds so good :)
The three smoothies were difficult to master. Just put the right about of the ingredients in and your good to go!  Breakfast gave me the energy I needed to start off the day and dinner toned me down! 
I know I will continue to make the breakfast smoothie just as a normal breakfast drink =) maybe with another fruit added for some extra zing! but it was absolutely wonderful!

This detox was not as crazy as some of the ones I have seen out there! I have been looking for a quick and painless detox to do at home and this proved to do me well! The only crazy part was the hole in my pocket! Granted we bought ingredients for two people it wasn't too bad! But it evens out to be what Dr. Oz says 16 dollars a day! The worst part for my pocket was the vitamins. But Hey I'll definitely continue to use them! 

But overall I think my favorite part was the final part of the day. The detox bath! Two cups of Epsom salts and ten drops of lavender does wonders. My pores tightened up a bit and my complexion looks great! It was so relaxing and puts you to sleep like a baby! 

Here is the website that I first found the recipes. It also gives amazing tips on how to not cheat and create a yummy smoothie!

And here is the original detox print out by Dr. Oz

A couple quick tips by me:
~Juice of Power Blend the Celery and Cumber before blending it into the smoothie (you can also do that with the kale but doesn't get everything into the smoothie) 
~SWEAT! make sure you work out and sweat! it makes you feel so much better AND you don't bloat as bad!
~ DRINK LOTS ND LOTS OF H2O seriously! especially after the bath, I put lotion on after every bath! (i used coco butter but you can use the coconut oil from the recipes above as a natural moisturizer as well)

Well I hope you ladies (And Men) enjoy!! have fun good luck!!
 p.s. I'll be doing this again in June and July! 

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